Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

CEECC Working Paper

Economic Appraisal Of Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Technology In Bagh And Battagram Districts Pakistan

Publication Year : 2012
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Water Is The Most Crucial Commodity For All Living Beings On Earth. It Is Essential For All Basic Human Needs E.G., Food, Drinking Water, Sanitation, And Health, [Secretariat Of The Convention On Biological Diversity (2010)]. Access To Water Is Everyone’S Basic Right Recognised By A Number Of Development And Human Rights Agencies. Management Of Water Resources On Sustainable Basis Is The Most Pressing Issue Of The Present Age. Imprudent Use Of Water Has Reduced The Natural Replenishment Capacity Of Water Reservoirs. Due To Which Water Scarcity Has Taken Place And Sustainable Supply Of Water Has Become A Challenge. The Problem Is More Serious In Hilly And Fragile Areas Of Developing Countries, Where Supply Of Water Is Very Costly Business.