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P & R Vol.1 Issue 1
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Editor’s Message

Publication Year : 2020

Two months ago, when we first conceptualized this magazine, we were discussing how research was constantly losing readership and how academics who are supposedly the path-breakers for innovation, need to realize and reinvent ways in which research reaches audience. PIDE is among the globally recognized Asian research think-tanks that have produced cutting-edge research in Economics and other relevant Social Sciences; but with the changing face of research, globally, we find it important to find new ways to deimperialize research and make it abundant and easy-to-access. This is how the PIDE P&R was born. We tend to somewhat agree with what Einstein so famously said, “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be research, would it?” However, with our new publication the PIDE P&R, we are looking forward to spare you the muddle and bring you the low-hanging fruit of our work. If you’re a policymaker looking for quick update on the economy without the researcher’s intellectual squabbling, this is your chance. If you’re a student who needs to keep up with facts and figures about the local economy without the verbosity that makes you feel dumb, this is where you need to be. Also, it’s vibrant, it’s fun, and it’s laconic. I am absolutely thrilled to be introducing the first ever issue of what is to be one of the leading flag bearers of new-age research in the Global South.