Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Evaluation of Naya Pakistan Housing
Publication Year : 2022
Author: Ayaz Ahmed

The seriousness of the housing crisis in Pakistan can be judged by the fact that successive estimates put the backlog in housing at 9 million units, increasing by 300,000 units annually due to unmet demand. Sixty-two percent of this need is for low-income groups. A huge gap between the supply and demand for housing is evident in urban areas around the world. Because of the uncontrolled housing crisis, many families are forced to live in extreme conditions with unhealthy and unsafe homes . Of the nearly 208 million people in the country, more than a third live in 20.01 million units in urban areas and the rest from 12.19 million in rural areas. A study on Pakistan shows that housing shortages around 10 million units, about half of which are in urban areas, are one of the highest in South Asia.

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