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First Release from the Second Population Census of Pakistan, 1961

The field enumeration for the purposes of the Second Population Census of Pakistan was completed at dawn of February 1, 1961. The first Bulletin with provisional results is dated 27 days later1. The less than five weeks in the case of Pakistan compare with about four weeks in the case of the latest Census of India 2, and just over six weeks in the case of United Kingdom3. Such figures are seldom directly comparable, but the least that can be said is that Pakistan is in the first league. With such standards of performance as to speed already reached, the need now is to concentrate on increasing the extent of information provided, ensuring greater comparability, providing some preliminary analysis and elucidation and finally eliminating clerical mistakes through more checking. The swift results in Pakistan in the prevailing communication and literacy circumstances suggest that the work was well planned and must have been carried out by an exceedingly efficient organisation.

Karol J. Krotki

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