Future Of Pakistan Economy With The IMF Program
Webinars Brief 37:2021
Publication Year : 2021

As you are aware that PIDE is engaged academically on a range of topics that covers country’s current politico-economic, socio-economic and real economic issues. PIDE believes that public policy research must solve key problems that are impeding progress. To do this, we rely heavily on dialog and debate. PIDE invites inspirational and amazing experts in subjects that we consider central to public policy in Pakistan. One such key subject of public policy debate is the “Future of Pakistan Economy with the IMF programme”. As per news reports Four pending reviews (2nd to 5th) are completed and $500 million for budgetary support will be released very soon. The domestic authorities have adopted some recommendations proposed by the Fund and it is expected that more changes will be made in the coming days. Some favor these tough steps whereas some have vehemently opposed them.

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