Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Technical Paper Series 13
Governance And Poverty In Pakistan
Publication Year : 2002

Whereas Poverty Has Been Declining In Pakistan Upto 1987-88, It Has Increased Rather Sharply Over The Last 15 Years. It Has Increased From 17.6 Percent In 1987-88 To 32.6 Percent In 1998-99. A Large Number Of Factors Including The Slow Growth Rates, Structural Adjustment And Stabilisation Programmes, Low Human Resource Development, And Poor Law And Order Situation Have Also Contributed To An Increase In Poverty, But It Is Generally Believed That The Governance Crisis That Has Assumed Alarming Proportions Is The Main Cause Of The Increase In Poverty. It Is Argued That The Same Economic Policies And Institutions That Have Led To Higher Growth And Reduction In Poverty In The Other Countries Have Failed In Pakistan Because Of The Poor Governance. This Is Notwithstanding The Fact That The Poor Governance Did Not Stand In The Way Of Most Of The Countries Which Recorded High Growth Rates.1