Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Governance, Institutional Reforms and Modernisation of PublicSector (The Quaid-i-Azam Lecture )

Author: Ugo Pagano

It is a matter of great honour for me to deliver theQuaid-i-Azam memorial lecture. He is an everlasting source ofinspiration for me due to his two unmatched attributes, i.e. toleranceand determination. To me, this combination of qualities in Jinnah madehim a symbol of glory and grandeur. Tolerance in particular can play aninstrumental role in changing a society’s outlook, and Jinnah set anexample for us for being an emblem of tolerance. Tolerance with all itsmanifestations in different facets of life is direly needed in oursociety. For instance, religious, ethnic and racial tolerance can beconsidered as the first step towards forming a sound and rationalsociety. In the same way, this gathering today has given me immensesatisfaction, as different views from different schools of thought areassimilated and tolerated.

Ugo Pagano