P & R Vol.1 Issue 2
Government’s Role in Markets: Should the Government be All Encompassing in the Wheat Market – A Survey
Publication Year : 2020

Being the staple food as well as leading cash crop, the illegal storage of nearly 2-2.4 million wheat and jute bags makes one question the procurement process of the Sindh government. The leading report of falsification of procurement to meet the local demand of wheat to get the approval of export has shed light on the procurement decision process of the government. Provincial government could not procure wheat despite the presence of adequate stock, leading to illegal storage and price hikes in the market. Institutions such as National Accountability Bureau (NAB), FIA are expected to carry out various actions against such mafias. But the question that arises by looking at the historical events; is why these institutions were not able to take steps against such mafias. All these events have clearly shaken the beliefs of the public that government can do better in this.