Growth Diagnostic of PakistanP&R Volume 1, Issue 3

P & R Vol.1 Issue 3
Publication Year : 2020
  1. Vice Chancellor’s Message
  2. Editorial
  3. Mahbub ul Haq: Pakistan’s Growth Pioneer -Pervez Tahir
    Cover Story
  4. Growth Diagnostic -Special Report – Abdul Jalil
  5. Haque Survey on Role of Taxation in Economic Growth
  6. Did South Korea Copy-paste Pakistan’s Growth Model?
  7. Interview with Arshad Zaman
  8. What Do We Know About Sacrifice Ratio – Nadeem ul Haque and Abdul Jalil
    Policy View Point @ PIDE
  9. Doing Taxes Better: Simplify, Open and Grow Economy
  10. Muhammad Nasir, Naseem Faraz & Saba Anwer
    Research & Blogs @ PIDE
  11. Enough “Bricks and Mortar”!
  12. Tax Policies for Growth -Nasir Iqbal and Mahmood Khalid
  13. What Our Textile Sector can Learn from Vietnam’s Progress – Abdul Jalil
  14. War for Talent: The Skills Gap – Nadeem Khan
  15. Haque Survey on Post Retirement Job
  16. Issues and Strategies to Revitalize the Agriculture Sector of Pakistan – Abedullah
  17. Economic Cost of Political Conflict – Nasir Iqbal
    Webinars @ PIDE
  18. Managing Growth with Stabilization I – Hafsa Hina and Dilavar Khan
  19. Managing Growth with Stabilization II – Abdul Khaliq
  20. Managing Growth with Stabilization III – Abdul Khaliq and Naseem Akhter
  21. Haque Survey on Foreign Consultants and Donor Banking, Finance, and Economic Growth – Abdul Khaliq
  22. Why Businesses Don’t Grow in Pakistan – Wajid Islam
    Working Papers @ PIDE