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Harinder S. Kohli (ed.). Growth and Development in Emerging Market Economies: International Private Capital Flows, Financial Markets and Globalisation. New Delhi: Sage Publication 2008. 369 pages. Hardbound. Indian Rs 695.00.

Author: Henna Ahsan

The book discusses the different experiences in Asia and Latin America, while covering the closely related areas under the purview of Emerging Market Economies (EMEs). The first chapter, “Introduction and Overview” has written by Harinder S. Kohli gives an excellent review of the existing literature on the subject. The book discusses six related topics which include nine papers presented at the Emerging Markets Forum Meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 2006. The book highlights the main factors of growth and development in Emerging Market Economies (EMEs) now closely related with international capital flows, development of financial market, the countries’ ability to integrate successfully with the global economy through trade and investment and their ability to forge public-private partnerships including infrastructure development.

Henna Ahsan