Healthy Ageing in Pakistan
Webinars Brief 40:2021
Author: Wajid Islam
Publication Year : 2021

Ageing is a reality and thus healthy ageing is a very important topic but it is neglected over the years in Pakistan. Being the fifth populous country in the world, Pakistan is among those 10 countries where there are more than 10 million people are old. People over 60-year age are considered old, 60 years old people don’t need to fulfill all the characteristics of old people. 60 years is just a threshold. The statistics from 2019 show that almost 15 million people living in Pakistan are aged over 60 which is 7% of the country’s total population. The proportion of older people is expected to double to 12% in 2050 with 40 million people aged over 60. With such a burgeoning number of old-age people, the country needs to develop a proper system to facilitate these people, which the country currently lacks. In order, to highlight this important issue Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) and Social Protection Resource Centre (SPRC) arranged a joint webinar on healthy ageing in Pakistan.

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