HEC Travails
Webinars Brief 49:2021
Author: Nafisa Riaz
Publication Year : 2021

Prof. Pervaiz Hoodbhoy · The situation of Pakistani universities is unprecedented. The present education system is in a state of pathetic decay in terms of the basic knowledge that is carried by professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers, and moving upwards deans and vice-chancellors. · The most important reason for the decay at universities is the HEC. In 2002, HEC started a program of rewards based on many papers and publications which distorted and corrupted the higher education system to a point where it has become unrecoverable. · The only way to repair the damage caused by previous policies is to abandon the policy of reward based on the number of publications. We need to concentrate upon undergraduate education because it is their base for the sound learning of students.

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