Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

CEECC Working Paper

Impact Of Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting Technology On Women Well Being In Hilly And Fragile Areas: Evidence From Pakistan

Publication Year : 2011
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Availability Of Fresh Water Remained A Serious Issue And Its Severity Is Increasing Day By Day. The Situation Is Further Being Deteriorating In Earthquake Prone, Hilly, And Rural Areas. In These Areas Most Vulnerable Segment Of Population Is Women For They Are The Ones Who Have To Fetch Water Far From Their Dwelling Units. In Order To Resolve The Water Crisis, Different Approaches, Techniques, And Practices Are Being Adopted, Among Which One Is Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting (Rrwh). This Study Assesses The Impact Of Rrwh System With Special Reference To Women Health In The Hilly And Earth Quake Affected Areas Of Bagh And Battagram Villages Of Azad Jammu And Kashmir And Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Of Pakistan, Respectively. Analyses Are Carried Out Using Negative Binomial Regression Technique To Quantify The Results. The Results Reveal That Rrwh Technology Is Viable, Profitable; Women Friendly And Sustainable Source Of Water Supply, Especially In The Earthquake Prone, Hilly, And Rural Areas Which Are Receiving Comparatively High Rain Fall In Pakistan.