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Improving Pakistan's Exports Through Diversification
PIDE Policy Viewpoint 08:2017
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Improving Pakistan’s Exports Through Diversification

Publication Year : 2017
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Improving Pakistan’s Exports Through Diversification Exports Of Pakistani Goods Have Observed A Decline During The Recent Years With The Volume Falling From $24.8 Billion In The Financial Year (Fy) 2013 To $21.7 Billion During Fy2017. The Downturn Can Partly Be Attributed To The Global Slowdown, As Many Of The Major Economies Of The World Also Observed Decline In Their Exports During This Period. For Example, The Trade Giants China And The United State Observed Declines In Exports By 3.7% And 4.6%, Respectively, In The Fy 2015-2016. Contrary To The Trends For Exports, Pakistani Imports Have Maintained A Continuous Increasing Trend During This Period, Leading To A Sharp Rise In The Trade Deficit Which Increased From $16.9 Billion In The Fy 2013 To $26.9 Billion In The Fy 2017.