Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Institutions, Policy, Reform and Research: A National Narrative-building Through Webinars at PIDE
Publication Year : 2020
Author: Hafsa Hina

Public policy and social science research in Pakistan remain tentative, self-conscious and detached from the realities of Pakistan. HEC has adopted a mechanical approach to research: counting publications and impact factors. Rather than questions or focusing on key questions facing the country, researchers have not developed either a debate or a body of literature on issues such as The decade of energy losses The decaying colonial governance structure that remains unreformed The legal, judicial and regulatory system that impedes investment and development The overbearing permission/NOC/SRO system that obstructs market development and favors cronyism The broken PSEs continue to bleed. Tax policy and administration that does not deliver needed revenue Aid dependency not only for funds but also policy Addiction to IMF adjustment programs without achieving durable stabilization.