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Interdistrict and Interprovincial Differentials in Correlates of Female Labour Force Participation, 1961

This paper is an attempt at analysing female labour force participation and its various socio-economic and demographic correlates in Pakistan. Data for the four provinces have been analysed separately in order to get an idea of the diversity between regions and to identify characteristics that influence female work participation in different parts of the country. The area relating to the size and structure of female labour force has received considerable attention in recent years in Pakistan. A preliminary attempt, using 1961 Census data, was made by Bhatti and Alam [1] at identifying the significant correlates of female work in Pakistan. Yusuf [20] analysed correlttes of male participation in labour force by using data from the 1961 Census. Constraints and cultural definitions relating to types of female work were discussed by Papanek [15], Pastner [14] and Shah [18]. Saeed [17] analysed the factors important in female participation in farm operations, and differentiated between work participation by women belonging to various castes in four villages in Lyallpur. A case study of women’s attitudes, environment and activities has recently been made by Khan and Bilquees [4] for a Punjabi Village. Shah [19] analysed from survey data the demographic and socioeconomic influences on female labour force participation in the rural and urban areas of Pakistan.

Nasreen Abbasi, Nasra M. Shah, Iqbal Alam

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