International Aid and Policy Freedom for Small Open Economies
Webinars Brief 50:2021
Author: Saba Farooqi
Publication Year : 2021

In this webinar, Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs mainly focused, what is essential for government policies and how we make them effective in achieving sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in small open economies like Pakistan. This webinar also assesses the additional spending required to make substantial progress towards achieving the SDGs. The additional spending is explained by using the IMF SDG costing methodology. Accordingly, to achieve the SDGs Pakistan would require additional annual spending of about 16 percent of GDP in 2030 from the public and private sectors. He further focuses on critical areas of human (education and health) and physical (electricity, roads, and water and sanitation) capital.

Edited by Hafsa Hina, Design by Afzal Balti.