P & R Vol.2 Issue 8
Internet Access
Publication Year : 2021

A limited population of Pakistan enjoys internet access. Imagine the benefits that would accrue to the society and the economy if the entire population of the country had internet access. The internet access would prove useful in raising the literacy rate through online education to the deprived ones, providing health advice remotely in far-flung areas, enabling farmers and handicraft manufacturers to connect wholesalers and retailers directly in cities without the intervention of middlemen, and providing freelancing opportunities to many more, accelerating e-commerce. These are just a few of the benefits of internet connectivity. Given the disruption that Artificial intelligence and technology are causing a full range of benefits is even difficult to imagine at this stage. What needs to be done to provide universal internet access is described in Table 9.1, after a brief overview of the cellular industry, which is to play a key role in ensuring access.