P & R Vol. 2 Issue 9
Interview with Imran Ghazali
Publication Year : 2021

You are heading the recently formed Digital Media Wing of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. Why did the government realize the need for a digital media wing and what exactly is the role of this team?

According to the latest statistics that were published by PTA around 97% of people have internet access, either through 3G, 4G, or broadband connections available. A recent report that was published by via social has also mentioned that around 45 million people in Pakistan have access to social media and use it on daily basis. Keeping both of these statistics in mind, we cannot deny how important the internet has become in the lives of people. Digital media can be a valuable tool for the dissemination of information for the government. Up till now, there was not a proper department that was working in this field. However, realizing its immense importance government has made a department in the Ministry of information.