P & R Vol.2 Issue 8
Interview with Mohammad Ali Ibrahim, Head of Marketing and Communications, MMBL
Publication Year : 2021

What is the role of telecommunication in providing internet facilities and where do we stand currently?

Given my background in the telecom industry and owing to my current role in the financial sector, I believe connectivity is the key right now as the demand for technology is growing more with each passing day. The ongoing pandemic brought life to a standstill and the only way to continue going on was adapting to digital technologies. We saw many companies going through a complete digital transformation for sustaining themselves. The ever-increasing role of telecommunication and connectivity under such circumstances cannot be undermined as it is only going to further increase in the times to come. Internet usage across Pakistan surged by 15% as soon as the first lockdown was imposed. Moreover, as per the latest statistics from PTA, Pakistan has over 185 million cellular subscribers, out of which 100 million use 3G/4G. This shows the huge potential that the telecom sector has to offer and the vastly growing expansion of the sector speaks volumes about the benefits it is providing to the masses.