P & R Vol.2 Issue 2
Interview with Pervez Tahir and Saeed Shafqat
Publication Year : 2021
Author: Ather Naqvi

In accordance with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s inaugural address to the nation, the task force on civil service reforms has been established. Broadly, the task force will look into human resource management, training, accountability, and career planning. Dr Ishrat Husain, an economist and former governor State Bank of Pakistan is heading the 19-member task force. Since various governments have been working on civil service reforms in the past, it will be important to see if the present government has done its homework and how it will go about this challenge. To start with, a certain section of the bureaucracy has been expressing reservations over what they call the domination of one group in this whole exercise of reforms. Bureaucrats are questioning a task force which reportedly has 13 members from the District Management Group (DMG).