Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Publication Year : 2022
Author: Tariq Husain

The papers in this compilation assessed four regulatory authorities (the CCP, DRAP, NEPRA and PEMRA), two important government initiatives (Naya Pakistan Housing and the construction sector package), and policy requirements for an important sector of the economy (namely, SMEs). PIDE and the authors should be commended for taking on this wide-ranging challenge and presenting a wealth of information in each paper. With the exception of the construction and SME sectors, where independent research was already available, these papers can be said to be pioneers in the evidencebased

assessment of the subjects they have addressed. Many of the observations in the papers would doubtless resonate with those who know the subject, either as specialists or those who are affected by regulation and government interventions. An important aspect of evaluation is the connection between research and policy, which also enhances the credibility and usefulness of evaluations.

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