Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.2 Issue 3
Is High population growth in Pakistan a supply side issue or demand side issue?
Publication Year : 2021

Pakistan has the highest population growth rate in South Asia, standing at 2.4% as per 2017 census. Why have we failed to restrict our population growth rate close to 1.5% when other South Asian countries like Bangladesh and India, which are somewhat culturally like us, have successfully done so? Is Is it a failure on the demand side or the supplyside, is the question that has been debated within PIDE recently. Two contrasting viewpoints have emerged within the debate. As Dr Zeba Sathar (Senior Associate and Pakistan County Director at Population Council) has emphasized, the failure of family planning services iIs s the most important cause of such high population growth rates. Whereas, Dr G. M. Arif (Ex-Joint Director, PIDE) and Dr Durre Nayab (Joint Director, PIDE) emphasized on demand – side explanation.