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Judicial Transformation: Efficiency, Transparency, Depoliticisation

Publication Year : 2024


Reflections on the Political Economy of Judicial Delay in Pakistan – Umer Ijaz Gilani
Conceptualising Judicial Reform in Pakistan – Abdul Moiz Jaferii
Need for Judicial Reforms – Shahid Kardar
Economic Costs of Judicial Weaponisation – Nadeem Ul Haque
Aping the West: The Cost of Multiple Judicial Streams – Nadeem Ul Haque
Judicial Relics and the Quest for Justice – Syed Sheheryar Raza Zaidi
Justices of the Peace – Uzair Kayani
Reviving the Jirga System as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas – Samreen Fatima
ESG, Impact Lawyers & Innovation in the Pakistani Legal System – Ammara Farooq Malik
Justonomics = Justice + Economics – Saddam Hussein


Misconceptions that Impede National Development  – Zafar U. Ahmed
The Humanitarian Crisis in the Israel-Gaza War: What Needs to be Done? – Tayyaba Razzaq
IMF and the Pro-Growth Strategy 2024 – Naqi Akbar
Book Review | Pakistan’s Institutional Instability and Underdevelopment: State, People, and Consciousness by Akmal Hussain – Dushka H. Saiyid
Unlocking Success: The Power Play of Politics Versus Economy – Laiba Farooq


Doubling Down on Industrial Policy – Ammar H. Khan
Rethinking Industrial Policy in Pakistan: A Political Economy View – Shahram Azhar


Public Choice and Public Value – Dr. Usman W. Chohan
Threats Across the Borders: Tackling Transboundary Environmental Injustice – Sobia Rose
Revitalising Agriculture: Road To Green Revolution – Sobia Rose and Muhammad Faisal Ali
Greening the Nation: Pakistan’s Way Forward – Wajhullah Fahim
Children and Working-Class Women: Trade Liberalisation, IMF, and International Law Protections – Shahzeb Usman


The Siraiki Province Imbroglio: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back  – Asma Faiz
Echoes of Wisdom: Tracing the Intellectual Heritage of Old Delhi’s Madrasas – Sonia Gulzeb


Driving Pakistan’s Industrialisation Strategy: Rethinking Import of Capital Goods – Aadil Nakhoda
Pakistan’s Missing 95 Trillion Rupees – Shahjahan Chaudhary


Reflections of Society: The Role of Pakistani Television in Perpetuating Patriarchal Norms – Sara J. Rathore
Statuesque Melodies: The Tale of ‘The Golden Man’ and the Urban Beggars – Aadil Riaz

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