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Labour Force Matrix of Pakistan 1987-88

Changes which have a direct bearing on the growth and composition of the country’s labour force can be identified using a labour force matrix, which provides a detailed classification of the labour force. This paper reports the results of a mainly statistical exercise. It presents a Labour Force Matrix (LFM) of Pakistan for the year 1987-88 [Government of Pakistan (1989)] on the basis of the Labour Force Survey 1987-88 using the same classification as the LFM 1982-83 [see Cohen (1985)]. The use of a common classification enables to highlight some dynamic characteristics of the labour force during the period 1982-83 to 1987-88. On the basis of labour force trends during this period a LFM is estimated for the year 1992-93.

Khwaja Sarmad, Fazal Husain

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