Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Keywords : Discourse, Learning
Learning from Discourse at PIDE
Publication Year : 2020

The prime objective of this book is to collect the important policy themes that have been developed at PIDE through a series of invited lectures to direct PIDE’s research agenda as well as to build Pakistan’s research community at large. The idea behind this exercise is for us to learn how our current policies and more so our system of policymaking has lost its ways. Through exposing these themes, Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque not only guides us to identify the root causes of our country’s economic problems but also makes us learn the much-needed paradigm shifts that can put Pakistan, if adopted, on the trajectory of rapid growth and development. To collect the main policy messages from the discourse, I found that Dr. Nadeem has exposed us primarily to three areas of policy loopholes that are being practiced in Pakistan which have roots