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Main Economic Characteristics of the People of Pakistan: Sixth Release From the 1961 Census (Review Article )

This review of Census Bulletin No. J1 from the 1961 Census of Pakistan is fifth in a series2 of review articles on the census publications prepared by or under the auspices of the Demographic Section of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. The Bulletin is an interim report on the economic characteristics of the population of Pakistan. It was published in the second week of March, and released in the third week of May 1963. Thus, the information became available to planners, researchers and administrators 27 months and 3 weeks after the completion of census enumeration in January 1961. There is a two-page introduction giving the method and questions through which the data on economic characteristics were obtained. It also promises more data on economic aspects in the main census reports still to be issued. Detailed classification of the nonagricultural labour-force by industry and occupation will be given in separate volumes sometime in 1964.

Yasmin Azra Jan, Khurshid Haroon

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