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Management Arrangements of the Chaprote Forest and theirImplications for Sustainable Development

This presentation is a more comprehensive version of the paperthat has been circulated. The paper examines the terms of access to theresources of the Chaprote forest in the Nagar valley of NorthernPakistan, before and since 1972. In 19n, the Nagar valley became part ofthe Federally Administered Areas of ~akistan. The politicaltransformation of the regime, was contiguous with changes in theeconomic situation, which affected local requirements, allocation, andaccess to natural resources. Our analysis hence, focuses on some of theexcesses and inadequacies of regimes being incorporated within apolitical economy on the one hand, and being subjected to interventionsat odds with local potential and former systems of managing andexploiting local resources on the other. Our aim is to make suggestionsfor better management, conservation and development of forest resources.This. exercise includes the concern of environmentalists, among otherissues, over conserving finite natural resources, and maintaining asymbiosis between regeneration and depletion of renewable naturalresources [Dubois (1976); Rapoport (1978); Sachs (1978, 1980) andSimonis (n.d)].

Soofia Mumtaz, Durr-e-Nayab

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