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Measurement of Living Standards Deprivation in Punjab Using AF Method (Periodical Comparison Approach)

In spite of taking and implementing various special measures by the government of Punjab and the Pakistan to alleviate poverty in Punjab, poverty is still there and has become a constraint in the way of economic progress and prosperity of the people of the Punjab-Pakistan. Poverty is pronounced deprivation in well-being. The conventional view links well-being primarily to command over commodities, so the poor are those who do not have enough income or consumption to put them above some adequate minimum threshold. The broadest approach to well-being and hence poverty focuses on the capability of the individual to properly function in the society. The poor lack key capabilities, and may have inadequate income or education, and last but not the least living standards. How we measure poverty can importantly influence how we come to understand it, how we analyse it, and how we create policies to influence it. In recent years, the literature on multidimensional poverty measurement has blossomed in a number of different directions. The 1997 Human Development Report vividly introduced poverty as a multidimensional phenomenon, and the Millennium Declaration and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have highlighted multiple dimensions of poverty since 2000.

Muhammad Afzal

Shamim Rafique

Farhan Hameed