Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.3 Issue 1
Media: Building Narratives
Publication Year : 2022

Narratives are not built in a day or in a moment but they take years to get develop. An adult talking about his favorite “Political Party” or another local talking about the situation of hospitals in his town, these narratives are not built in just a moment rather they take time to process and come out as words or even actions. Similarly, a five years’ child talking about a “Perfect Life Goals” will surely have source of information. So basically this is a point.

WHAT IS OUR PRIMARY SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE OR INFORMATION? The evolution of media from being only accessible through wires to its availability to each person in a home has brought a huge change in the way people interact, build narratives and share stories. The visual effects, audio content, every exclamation and a question mark counts. This distinctive feature has made media an important platform that could have a large impact on the masses and their opinions. Most of the Political and Social Entities in the modern world day pivot on the narrative building on social media to further exaggerate their agenda in the mainstream. It’s done very strategically. the narratives are built in a way that transcends the screen to one’s emotions and feelings. For instance, Beauty Brands are also using this to inculcate a color discrimination in the society very politely. Moreover, it’s also used to perpetuate propagandas on social media in a smooth and fast manner just like a fire burst and that’s how conflicts are being generated either political, cultural or religious. Narrative building is also at heart of Net Troll Strategies that involve comments in the comment section creating misinformation sometimes, campaigns aimed at diverting the direction of war or providing a strategic advantage! We are living in an advanced world and today electronic and social media is the most common and famous mode of gaining information. It has become a powerful tool and hence is a medium where we actually breathe in as it shows each and every thread. Many years back, hearing about cases such as suicidal attempts, sexual harassments and many more were rare. Have you ever thought why? Let’s focus on what we see today! Either we are too numb for a problem or we fall in extremism. Due to this mis-management in media different cancers in the society have emerged mainly as Extremists. Human Psychology believe that personality conflicts are rooted in childhood experiences. Now a day’s children sit in front of TV in their free time to take it as their entertainment proportion, but is it really fulfilling their need?

WHAT WE SEE AND HEAR, WE REACT IN THE SAME WAY! Cultivation theory, presented by George Gerbner and Lary Gross suggests that those who absorb more media, are more influenced. If a person watches crime shows and wrestling programs more often, which includes violence, he will think there is all violence and terrorism happening in the area he resides in. So its concluded that media influences attitudes, beliefs, meaning and perception in a society. It has the most persuasive power; it shapes what people think. Same is the case in “Framing a Situation”. It all depends on framing a picture and how its painted. Media’s main purpose is to educate, inform and to make people aware. Yes, it’s a tool to aware not to control. As far as this chaos is being created on digital media, there is also a positive side, the other side of the picture, this media on the other hand is striving hard for education, for healthy knowledge. And it all depends on how you use it, wisely or unwisely. And as a responsible citizen and a student to psychology, it’s my duty to tell you through this medium that you are born independent, there must be nothing controlling you except yourself!

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