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Michael K. Connors, Rémy Davison, and Jörn Dosch. The New Global Politics of the Asia Pacific. (Second edition). London and New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. 2012. 274 pages. Price not given.

Author: Uzma Zia

The updated edition of The New Global Politics of the Asia Pacific provides a framework for understanding the complexities of global politics in this region. The book focuses on crucial aspects such as realism, liberalism, and critical theoretical views. It sheds light on refined interpretations and covers current important issues, including security, terrorism, and the role of transnational actors. The edition is a good collection of constructive and thought-provoking papers by three authors, and serves as a useful tool for graduate students, researchers, and policymakers with which to understand political policy debates.

Uzma Zia