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Norman Uphoff, Milton J. Esman and Anirudh Krishna. Reasons for Success: Learning from Instructive Experiences in Rural Development. New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1998. Paperback. Indian Rs 250.00. 233 pages.

Author: Afia Malik

Given the demographic realities in the developing world, it is not possible to solve the problems of poverty in these countries following the neoclassical model of economic growth. Since the majority of people are ruralites in these countries, the focus should be on rural development directly rather than on waiting for the benefits to trickle down to the rural poor. What is needed is to improve the quality of life and productivity of the small-holders or landless whose livelihood is based on natural resources which are depleting and require urgent attention. More options should be available for the rural people in their own area.

Afia Malik