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Nudging Pakistan Railways
Discourse Vol 1, Issue 2
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Nudging Pakistan Railways (Discourse Vol 1, Issue 2)

Publication Year : 2022
Author: Saba Anwar

The losses incurred by Pakistan Railways during the five years period (2015 – 2020) have amounted to a prodigious 144 billion PKR. The stiff competition from road transport and inability of PR to adopt a customer centric business plan because of complex bureaucratic structure, has led to an inefficient, underfinanced and overstaffed public agency running in losses since last three and a half decades. Placed in the “Retain and Restructure “category aﬞer the State Owned Enterprises (SOE) triage exercise in March 2021, the 19th century infrastructure still grapples with the challenges of 21st century aﬞer several repeated rounds of halfhearted reforms. The latest reforms of PR, recommended by Institutional Reform Cell, are based on five pillars.