Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

On Deconstructing National Education Policy Framework, 2018 of Pakistan 
Publication Year : 2020

Deconstruction is the process through which assumptions of truth underlying a specific text which has been produced in a specific context is unraveled (Paltridge & Phakiti, 2015). The process of deconstruction gives a breathing space to deconstruct the stability of meanings which are constructed politically or culturally. The process of deconstruction recognizes the oppressed, undermined, and subjugated and challenges the traditional, conventional, and objective. The approach to analyze textual data using this approach is structural and the tools employed can be manifest content analysis, discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis, and semiotic analysis (Bold, 2012). These tools are used to analyze discursive objects which can be written, archival, or gestural to explain the meanings of a social practice, phenomenon, space or formation. Language as a structure helps in explaining these variant social contexts.