Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Oswalso de Reviero. The Myth of Development: The Non-ViableEconomies of the 21st Century. London, U.K.: Zed Books. 2001. 224 pages.£20.99.

Since the early 1990s, a new stream of developmental thinkingstarted getting momentum, questioning and refuting the supposedlyundisputed developmental counseling, pursued by all nations andpracticed for more than four decades. This critique of development,usually referred to as ‘post-structuralism’ or ‘post-development’,assesses the genesis of the developmental ideas in post-war era and alsoquestions the desirability and prospects of the development in thecontemporary world. In the era of intellectual combat of developmentalideas, Oswaldo De Reviero’s “The Myth of Development” is significant andthought provoking addition to the PostStructuralist literature. DeRiviero has tended to deconstruct the developmental ideas and identifythe factors that the developmental thinking and practices entail andhave been contributing to the impoverishment of thecountries.

Muhammad Rahim Shah