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Pakistan 25 Years Hence - A Vision
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Pakistan 25 Years Hence – A Vision

Publication Year : 2007
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What is a vision? ◊ A vision statement encompasses the desired future for an enterprise. ◊ It also provides a conceptual basis on which the people involved can work towards achieving the objectives of the enterprise. ◊ The purpose of a vision statement is to inspire the community towards a common, desirable future. ◊ A vision is more than an aggregation of the views of its participants in that it may be informed of the global knowledge pool and technological possibilities that may be available. With this notion of ‘vision’ in mind, we are only proposing an ideal for Pakistan in 2030, one that provides all Pakistanis with opportunity, freedom, economic well-being, and a high quality of life. Such a vision may lead to the building of a framework that will help unleash productivity and support a sustainable, civilised society. Here is that vision in the form of the next Pakistan Survey from an issue of the Economist magazine of the future.