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Pakistan Society of Development Economists: Secretary’s Report – 1986

On this occasion last year, I had reviewed the history, and aims and objectives of the Society. I had also outlined at some length the major activities undertaken by the Society since its inception. I feel no need to repeat what I had reported last year, especially because its account has been published in the 1985 Proceedings issue of the Pakistan Development Review. I would only submit that the Society, in the four short years since its creation, has grown from strength to strength and that by now it is a fully grown organization effectively achieving the objectives for which it was created. I am happy to report that the state of the Society is excellent with all time records set this year in membership, in attendance at the Annual Meetings and in the breadth and scope of the issues addressed both in the Lecture Series in Development Economics and in the Annual Meetings. We now have a rich experience and a routine has been established which should be helpful in an efficient conduct of the activities of the Society in future years.

Secretary's Report

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