PAKISTAN: The Politics of the Misgoverned

Publication Year : 2021

PIDE organized a webinar of book launch in which Azhar Hasaan Nadeem launched his book t i t l e d , “ P a k i s t a n : T h e P o l i t i c s o f t h e Misgoverned”. The book summarizes different important elements from the history of Pakistan, which makes this country difficult to govern. Author discusses all the important players of power in Pakistan and makes their interplay the subject matter of the book. Though the book handles a very difficult topic, the best thing is that as the reader goes along, the text starts offering answers to many questions that come to one’s mind. Writing a comprehensive commentary in a concise write-up is the best thing about this book. Overall, this effort offers an extensive review of the prominent events that shaped the fate of Pakistan and helps the reader understand why and how we landed in our current situation.