Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Annual Report 2009-10
PIDE Annual Report 2009-10
Publication Year : 2010

During 2009-10, the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), as the country’s premier research institute in economics and fast emerging leading teaching institute of the country, continued to make impressive strides through its cutting edge research and state of the art teaching programmes. The impact of the global recession and the downturn in Pakistan’s economy continued to be strongly felt in 2009-10. These issues were prominent in the research conducted at PIDE. At a time when there was an increased need for an informed analysis of the issues in the wake of the prevailing downturn, PIDE research contributed to its understanding through its research articles and special briefs and surveys. The special PIDE publications in this regard included the Macroeconomic Brief, the PIDE Business Barometer, and the PIDE Inflation Expectation Survey. Striving to make PIDE a premier teaching institute, efforts continued during the year to strengthen the faculty and syllabus of the five teaching departments, namely: Department of Economics; Department of Business Studies; Department of Environmental Economics; Department of Population Sciences; and Department of Econometrics and Statistics. The Departments worked on unlocking the potential of the students by providing them solid education in an academically invigorating atmosphere, and helping them to develop analytical, reflective and questioning minds.

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