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PIDE Bi-Monthly Round-Up
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PIDE Bi-Monthly Round-Up (Discourse Vol.1 Issue 3)

Publication Year : 2022


  • Quetta Cafes: An Indigenous Tea Cafes Chain in Twins Cities
  • Parental Tobacco Smoking and Child Malnutrition
  • Inflation in Pakistan: High -Frequency Estimation and Forecasting


  • PIDE Commentary on the 23rth IMF Program
  • Parental Smoking and Child Health
  • Effectiveness of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority


  • Quetta Cafes: An Indigenous Tea Cafes Chain in Twins Cities
  • Is a multilateral full trade liberalization policy effective in Pakistan?
  • Does Incentive Mechanism Influence the Research Productivity of Public Sector University Teaching Faculty in  Pakistan? A Comparison between Tenure Track System (TTS) and Basic Pay Scale (BPS)
  • Impact of Climate Change on Water in Pakistan
  • Foreign Aid Effectiveness: The Relatinship Between Aid Inflows and Economic Growth
  • Gas Crisis in Pakistan: A Review of Accountability Systems: Learning from Best Practices


  • Who Do We Think We Are: The Question of Identity!
  • Understanding Social Capital
  • About the PIDE-BASICS Survey


  • Economics for the 21st Century: Paul Ormerod Post Flood Rehabilitation & Development Rethink: by Simi Sadaf Kamal, Hassan Abbas Shah, and Syed Mahmood Nawaz Shah
  • Master Planning and People’s Lives: by Saboohi Sarshar, Nasir Javed, Naveed ul Haq, and Nadeem Khurshid
  • Beyond Winning: A Discussion on State of Sports Industry ini Pakistan: by Nasrullah Rana, Shah Muhammad Shan, and Ameer Ali Abro
  • Mega Solar Project and Amendment in NEPRA Distributed Generation and Net-Metering Regulation, 2015: by Tahir Basharat Cheema, Waqas Bin Najib, Moin M. Fuda, and Syed Feisal Ali
  • Governance of Islam in Pakistan – An Institutional Study of the Council of Islamic Ideology: by Sarah Holz
  • The Industrial Civilization – How the Rest Can Reach Up With the West: Syed Sardar Ali
  • Using Behavioral Economics for Behavioral Change: Dan Ariely
  • Freelancing in Pakistan: Haroon Raja, Ibrahim Amin, and Dua Sukhera
  • Current Urban Paradigm of Pakistan High Rise and Town Planning: Ghulam Sarwar Sindhu and Omer Masud
  • Aid, Politics and the War of Narratives in the US-Pakistan Relations: Hussain Nadim


  • Seminar with the World Bank Global Director, Marcello Estevao
  • Leading Through the Dangers of Change: Hamza Haroon
  • PIDE RASTA Documentary Film Screening at Islamabad Club
  • Business Enabling Environment Index, in association with USAID Small & Medium Enterprise Activity
  • Memorandum of Understanding Between PIDE and the Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD)
  • KP Data Portal and Evidence-Based Planning: Naeem uz Zafar, Taimur Khan, Nazish Afraz, and Shujaat Farooq
  • J.P. Morgan’s Global Research Team Visits PIDE
  • Seminar by the Productivity Commission