PIDE Newsletter 23

On-off social distancing may be needed until 2022: Harvard study. Russia reports nearly 28,000 coronavirus cases after new record daily rise. Developing world will take worst hit from virus crisis, says Qureshi. China reports 12 new domestic cases. Pandemic to bring Asia’s 2020 growth to halt for first time in 60 years, says IMF. Trump to ease lockdown, saying virus cases have ‘passed peak’. ‘No child to fail the year because of virus’: Spain minister. France Covid-19 death toll tops 17,000. Iran says virus deaths below 100 for second day.

Idea by VC PIDE; Dr. Nadeem-ul-Haque.
Prepared by:
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro, Dr. Saud Ahmed Khan, Dr. Hassan Rasool, Dr. Ahsan ul Haq Satti, Dr. Amena Urooj, Ms. Fizzah Khalid Butt, Fahd Zulfiqar.