Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Annual Report
PIDE Research Activities 2020 
Publication Year : 2020

2020:6. The Tariff Tripod of Pakistan: Protection, Export Promotion, and Revenue Generation by Jamil Nasir. 2020:7. Pakistan: With holdingisation of the Economic System a Source of Revenue, Civil Strife or Dutch Disease+? by Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed. 2020:8. A case for Social Distancing in Developing Countries by Ammar Rashid. 2020:9. Construction without Real Estate Development by Nadeem Ul Haque and Nadeem khurshid. 2020:10. Measuring the Impact of Remittances on Housing Demand: Evidence from Large Cities in Pakistan by Ayaz Ahmed, Nasir Iqbal and Ghulam Mustafa. 2020:11. Total Factor Productivity and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Five Decade Overview by Omer Siqqique. 2020:12. Unveiling the Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Health of Rural Women in Pakistan by Abedullah Muhammad Tanvir. 2020:13. Aspirations and Behaviour : Future in the Mindset The Link between Aspiration Failure and the Poverty by Omer Siddique and Durr-e-Naya