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PIDE Research in Print 1957 - 2007
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PIDE Research in Print 1957 – 2007

Publication Year : 2008
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The research carried out at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) has been considered as the hallmark of the work done in social sciences in Pakistan. This bibliography includes articles published in The Pakistan Development Review (PDR) since 1957, when the journal’s name was Economic Digest. It also includes PIDE books and other series of publications like Research Reports, Working Papers, Lectures, MIMAP Technical Papers, Monographs in the Economics of Development, Statistical Papers, Studies in Population, Labour Force and Migration Project, and the Library publications. There may be some omissions, but every effort has been made to make this publication as comprehensive as possible. All entries are listed alphabetically, by the first author’s name, and followed by a Keyword Index, a Joint Author Index, and a Decade Index. Only the entries taken from the Economic Digest (1957–1960) are listed by title. It is hoped that this listing will facilitate access and use of PIDE works through a single comprehensive compilation. I am grateful to the Vice-Chancellor of PIDE, Dr Rashid Amjad, for his encouragement to undertake this work. I am also grateful to Professor Aurangzeb A. Hashmi for his editorial advice. I have received much help from my staff in the course of compilation. I am particularly thankful to Mr Muhammad Aslam and Mr Tahir Hasan Butt, who have taken pains to collect the details of bibliographical information. Thanks are also due to Mr Muhammad Siddiq Qureshi for composing this work, and to Mr Zafar Ehsan and Mr Habib-ur-Rehman for their careful proofreading