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PIDE's Contribution to Policy-making
History of PIDE Series-3
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PIDE’s Contribution to Policy-making

Publication Year : 2008
Author: A.R. Kemal
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Pakistan Institute of Development Economics was established 50 years ago with the broad objectives of acquisition and propagation of knowledge about Development Economics with a special focus on Pakistan. Over these years it has carried out theoretical and empirical research with a focus on understanding the structure of Pakistan’s economy; framework for policy making and programmes and for monitoring the implementation of policies and programmes; ascertaining the impact of various economic policies on strategic economic variables; generating various scenarios and suggesting future challenges in the economy; predicting the future growth path of the economy; and analysing the complex relationship between the population, culture, and the environment. So far roughly 2000 articles have been published in The Pakistan Development Review and there have been a large number of research reports, discussion papers, monographs, special publications and books on various facets of the economy of Pakistan.