Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Population Planning in Pakistan: How to Meet the Challenge?

The recent decline in the total fertility rate (TFR)• borne out by recent surveys and supported by the results of the 1998 population census of Pakistan (see Table 1) indicates that onset of fertility transition has been made in Pakistan. However, still these rates (5.3 children) excepting Nepal (5,4 children) are the highest in this region. A high proportion of young population (43 percent under 15 years) resulting in population momentum has made the situation grimmer as the task of achieving zero population growth seems to be many decades away even after attaining replacement level fertility. As per United Nations projections, Pakistan in 2050, will leave behind United States, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia and will become the third most populous country of the world with a population of 380 million.

Syed Mubashir Ali, G. Mustafa Zahid