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Private Tubewell Development and Cropping Patterns in West Pakistan

One of the most significant phenomena in agricultural development in Pakistan has been the installation of private tubewells by the farmers of West Pakistan at an exceedingly fast rate during the Second Plan period. Installation of these tubewells has enabled the farmers to intensify irrigation and make important changes in cropping patterns in order to maximize the income from their crop production. In this article we present results of two surveys conducted recently on private tubewells and the cropping pattern followed by farmers in area where tubewells are being installed. The results of these surveys indicate that West Pakistan is likely to attain a rate of increase in agricultural production which will be unparalled in the history of agriculture. To achieve and maintain such a rate of increase, however, considerable revision will be necessary in the programme for land, water and power development proposed for the next ten years and that included in the Third Five Year Plan.

Ghulam Mohammad

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