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Readings in International Economics edited by Richard E. Caves and Harry G. Johnson. Richard D. Irwin Inc., Homewood Illinois.

Here is yet another invaluable volume in the series of Republished Articles on Economics prepared under the aegis of the American Economic Associa¬tion. It supplements its predecessor the Readings in the Theory of Internation¬al Trade, published under the editorship of Howard S. Ellis and Lloyd Metzler in 1949. The differences in the two volumes both in emphasis and composition are symptomatic of the changes that have occurred in the general field of International Economics since 1949. The intervening years (1949-68) have witnessed lot of work done in the areas not fully explored at the time when the predecessor volume of Readings was published. The present volume eminently succeeds in providing the most “representative” contributions in the field of international economics during 1949-68. These contributions have been divided into seven sections:

Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi

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