Regulating Pharmaceutical Industry Post COVID-19
Webinars Brief 42:2021
Publication Year : 2021

Pakistan came into being in 1947; at that time, there was no pharmaceutical operating industry in the country. Now, Pakistan has almost 700 vibrant and forward-looking operating units of pharmaceuticals, including 24 multinationals (MNCs) companies. Around 70% finished the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry fulfills the medicine demand of the country. The share of the market is divided between national and international Pharmaceutical companies. From the previous decade, progressive growth has been shown by the pharmaceutical industry. The company can currently fabricate a variety of drugs oscillating from simple prescriptions to sophisticated oncology, biotech, and value-added generic compounds. One of the most noticeable aspects of domestic policy-related issues in a post-COVID 19 world is the lack of any COVID vaccine manufactured in Pakistan! At the same time, across our eastern and northern borders, both China and India are rolling out millions of doses of vaccines that are also being used for ‘vaccine diplomacy,’ with Pakistan being one of the recipients under this diplomatic push. The lack of a local vaccine (not a single vaccine is manufactured in Pakistan) is not the only issue that needs elaboration; over time, Pakistan’s pharmaceutical sector has found it difficult to perform to its potential under the plethora of government regulations.

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