Residential Construction Permit From Capital Development Authority, Islamabad


1. The time and money spent on information gathering can be eliminated (for the literate people) if all the required information is posted on the website in a user-friendly manner – the time spent; in making a trip to the CDA office, waiting for the concerned official, and interacting with the official will be saved – a much lesser time and cost will be spent in gathering the information from the CDA’s website, if available. 1. Eliminating unnecessary steps.

2. Digitization Submission of Application and Documents to CDA 1. The option of submitting the application online and uploading the documents should be available. 2. Applications for NOCs required from Civil Aviation Authority and Environmental Protection Agency should be allowed online. 3. The fee payable against the construction permit has to be paid physically at the bank. The option of paying online should be available. 4. Construction permit when granted has to be collected by the applicant from the CDA. This can be shared electronically with the applicant. 5. An attested copy of CNIC should not be required – mention of CNIC number in the application form should be enough. The CDA should have the facility to verify particulars of the applicant directly from the NADRA’s database.