P & R Vol.2 Issue 3
Results speak louder than words
Publication Year : 2021
Author: Saima Bashir

On 27 January 2020, the senate of Pakistan passed a Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill 2018. In its first stage, the Billwill be applicable to the Federal Capital Territory. According to this Bill, the employers, both public and private, are required to grant paid maternity and paternity leaves to their employees. The bill states that women are eligible to get paid leave for 6 months on the first birth; 4 months on the second birth and 3 months on the third birth. The Bill creates welcome space for paid maternity leave of one month to fathers for a total number of 3 times during service. Moreover, according to the Bill “the employees shall also be provided with an additional three months’ optional unpaid maternity and one-month’s paternity leave, separately from their leave account, if required by employee”.